Movement Expressions 
Interested in learning about becoming a dance/movement therapist?

-Shadowing experiences can range from a one time event for a school project to even a 3 month summer internship.


Need Fieldwork hours or an Internship for the ADTA Alternate Route Program?

-Three months full-time or its equivalent in part-time hours to total 200 hours of basic clinical exposure supervised by a licensed mental health professional.  This clinical exposure may occur prior to dance/movement therapy training and may be part of the applicant's Master's degree program

-700 hours or more in a clinical setting following or concurrent with education and supervised by a BC-DMT.  Prior to starting internship, 9 credits of dance/movement therapy coursework must be completed.  In addition, 9 credits of general training coursework must be completed prior to internship.


Are you a 3rd year DMT student from an approved ADTA program needing to complete your DMT internship?


-Contact Suzy 6 months prior to the Fall of your internship date to begin the interview and application process. Internships can be arranged at a behavioral health hospital as well as a variety of assisted living/memory care units.

Contact Suzy Matheson for supervision fees:

214-701-5491 or





Suzy Matheson has over 5 years of supervision experience working with people in all school levels ranging from high school to graduate school, helping to them to achieve their goals and or just learn about the field of dance/movement therapy.

Suzy is passionate about helping students to learn not only about dance/movement therapy, but what it is like working in the field as an independent contractor going to a variety of locations.





















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