Movement Expressions 

FOR SPECIAL NEEDS/DISABILITIES:Adaptive Dance Moving Into Empowerment and Personal Growth- A therapeutic movement experience for children and adults  with developmental delays and physical disabilities to enhance cognitive, motor, and daily living skills, as well as provide children and adults  an opportunity to experience success through the arts. In addition children and adults are empowered to define their capacity for personal growth by having choices about how they connect with themselves and others.


FOR ADULTS:Dance For Your HealthMoving Into Wellness and Dancing Into Health-
A therapeutic movement experience for adults to help expand movement repertoire, as well as make connections to self and others through both verbal and non-verbal expression.


FOR THE ELDERLY: Healing Movements Moving Into Living Well- A therapeutic movement experience for older adults designed to ease each client into older age, as well as those rehabilitating after major surgery or strokes. It is designed to ease each client into health and living well by providing a recreational outlet through dance and movement during their stay at the hospital, assisted living, nursing home, etc… Healing Movements gives older adults a sense of vitality, balance, and even achievement. It is also a time to for social interaction and to increase the energy level by listening to popular tunes and doing fun movement activities such as the Chicken Dance, YMCA, and many others. Research proves that gentle movement can incite memory recall, improve cognitive functioning, and increase overall quality of life. Healing Movements is a movement program designed to discover, prevent, and possibly reverse the negative effects of the aging process. 


FOR SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Moving Through Addiction Moving Into Healing and Recovery- A therapeutic movement experience for adolescents & adults that help integrate the addict & authentic self in early recovery.




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